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About Athlete X Factory

Athlete X Factory is a training center primarily catering to young athletes 6-22 years old. The Athlete X Factory is a training system based on increasing speed, strength, flexibility, and power, while maintaining a great focus on keeping young athletes safe and injury free. **There will also be limited personal training of opportunities as well as metabolic group training for adults. Please contact us through email, phone, or Facebook to see how you or your young athlete can take advantage of our game and lifestyle-changing training.  Athlete X Factory is owned and operated by Monica and Brad Fitzke.

Mission Statement

The mission of Athlete X Factory is to assist the athlete in reaching their full potential. We do this by reducing the athlete’s chance of injury through injury prevention training and increasing the athlete’s overall athleticism and by using a systematic and scientific approach to maximize each participant’s athletic potential. Our commitment is second to none in developing; researching and implementing new ideas and strategies in order to give the athletes we train the edge over their opponents and to achieve ultimate performance!


The goal of Athlete X Factory is to improve performance and reduce the opportunity for injury. The variety of methods include core training, resistance training, speed development, and dynamic flexibility. Training programs are designed to increase the athlete’s strength, speed, agility, flexibility, conditioning, and explosiveness, all important components in the developing a complete athlete.

Meet Brad - owner at Athlete X Factory

Stop thinking about working out and start doing it!

If your looking to improve your athletic performance, reduce your chances of getting injured or just plain get in better shape we can help. Tell us about your goals and let's come up with a plan to meet them.