Jack Blomgren – University Michigan Baseball Shortstop

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Jack Blomgren – University Michigan Baseball Shortstop

I was extremely blessed to be introduced to Brad when I was still in middle school. My brother took me to a workout one morning at 5am. 13 year old Jack had no idea what he was getting into. I was fortunate to have an older brother and a group of older guys who I looked up to that worked extremely hard and had success in their respective sports throughout high school. I wanted to be just like them. The original group of guys were super talented and you could tell- the sky was the limit for all of us. But we all knew that Brad had the key for success and we followed him like a father. Trusting, listening and never doubting his word. For me personally, Brad motivated me and was the role model I needed at an early age. He basically was my hero. He was a big guy and always had a positive attitude for every single kid that walked into his gym. He treated everyone with respect and that is something I admired from day one. People from Janesville Wisconsin don’t make it in sports by being average. I knew Brad had a plan and he was confident in that plan. He cared for us all like we were his family. And we were. A big family and he made us all feel close. On many occasions I was saying to myself what the f*** am I doing. This dude makes me puke every single workout. But as I got used to it I got better and better and started to dominate the workouts. I think back to Michigan and the work I put in there. To thrive at a school like Michigan it takes mental strength to push yourself beyond your internal limits and without Brad at AXF I wouldn’t have had the mental and physical toughness that I adopted at an early age with Brad.

Most of my best friends were in the original group from AXF 1.0. My brothers and I were extremely lucky to come across an extremely talented individual that somehow landed in Janesville WI. From my very first day, I learned lessons that go beyond training. I will never forget the memories and what I learned from Brad. Ever.

I injured my ankle playing basketball my junior year of high school. It was a hard recovery and I wasn’t sure I’d be coming back for baseball season that spring of 2017. Fortunately, I had the luxury of working with Brad- his gym being only 5 minutes from my house. He allowed me to use his facility whenever I wanted. The turning point in my career was working with Brad during my ankle recovery. He gave me his 100% when he had atleast 30 other clients to take care of daily. He instilled confidence in me and believed in me when no one else did. He was a father figure to me and has been ever since. I will never be able to repay Brad for being the trainer and more importantly the man he has always been to me and my brothers. Brad brings the intangibles every single day. He is very personable and that separates him from the rest. There is no chance I would be where I am today if it weren’t for Brad Fitzke. He started from the bottom and hasn’t stopped growing. My brothers and friends have said it from day one. “AXF will be a next level brand one day” “he loves what he does and nobody can take that away from him.” A 30/30 sqfoot gym to one of the most badass gyms in southern WI. Brad and AXF will continue to grow for years to come.