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“Not for the Faint of Heart”

More About Adult Metabolic Training

The Athlete X Factory in Janesville offers an adult metabolic training regimen that is sure to challenge even the seasoned fitness buffs. These are high intensity classes for adults to optimize the amount of calories that are burned 24/7! The weeks work is split into upper, lower, and cardio focused days. They are not for the faint of heart, and will challenge your perseverance. The goal is to get your heart rate above 70% of your MHR(maximum heart rate) and keep it there for specific amounts of time.



Athletic training:
$15 per workout less than 4 times a week.

Metabolic training:
$10 per workout.
Unlimited = $170 (2nd Family  Member = $120)
10 Sessions = $100
20 Sessions = $200
30 Sessions = $300

One on one training:
$60 per workout.

All session must be paid for in advance.

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Weekly Schedule

M – T – W – Th – F @ 5:00 am
M – T – W – Th – F @ 9:00 am