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“If your serious about getting in shape this is the class for you”

Metabolic Training Classes For Adults

The Athlete X Factory in Janesville offers a unique and fun metabolic training class that is sure to challenge you regardless of your level of fitness. These are high intensity 45-minute classes will help your body optimize the number of calories that are burned 24/7! The goal is to get your heart rate above 70% of your MHR (maximum heart rate) and keep it there for specific amounts of time.  During the class will use a combination of resistance training and a higher intensity cardio workout.  This class helps with general mobility strength and help boost your metabolism. This is a class for adults at all levels of fitness  and is one of those workouts that you get out of it what you put into it.

New to working out?  Brad and his staff will work with you to help you achieve your fitness goals.  The Metabolic Training Class typically has a mix of beginners and longtime attendees all working together and encouraging each other.  We love new faces, and we invite you to come up and give us a try.

Still not sure?  Stop by the Gym and ask for a tour.  Let’s talk about your fitness goals and how best to accomplish them.

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2023-24 School Year Schedule

Adult Metabolic Training
Mon-Fri 5a and 9:00a. (45 min)

Advanced Athletic Training
Mon-Friday 3:15p. & 4:15p (1 Hour)
Mon-Wed 6:15P (1 Hour)

Athletic Foundation Training (10-12 year old’s)
Mon-Thur 5:15p (1 Hour)

**Schedule will change if both Milton and Janesville are off school**