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It’s so important for 10-12 year old athletes to start developing neuromuscular patterns. This is the age when fundamentals begin to be developed and directed towards athletic skill in each athlete.
In this class the young athlete will develop coordination, flexibility, running patterns, basic weight training and good safety habits under the guidance of our professional athletic trainers. In this class we will start to work on the fundamentals of acceleration deceleration and change in direction. If your athlete is interested in beginning with any sort of resisted training workouts for athletics let us help them get stated safely and give them the direction, they need to move to more advanced workouts. As with all our classes one of our primary objectives is making our young athletes more injury resistant.
Continual training at this age group will lead to permanent and positive athletic change.

“These classes have been the best decision I ever made as a parent for my son’s confidence! Brad is amazing with the kids and is committed to their success!” -Jason Niccolai

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2023-24 School Year Schedule

Adult Metabolic Training
Mon-Fri 5a and 9:00a. (45 min)

Advanced Athletic Training
Mon-Friday 3:15p. & 4:15p (1 Hour)
Mon-Wed 6:15P (1 Hour)

Athletic Foundation Training (10-12 year old’s)
Mon-Thur 5:15p (1 Hour)

**Schedule will change if both Milton and Janesville are off school**